BAUER PremiumLine Drill Rigs

By Dan Dragone, CEO, BAUER-Pileco, Inc. and Gordian Ulrich, Representative Bauer Drill Rigs, BAUER-Pileco, Inc.

With the new PremiumLine of foundation drill rigs BAUER pushes the boundaries. Power and performance have increased while still following BAUER’s philosophy of providing trouble free, multi-purpose drill rigs.

IMG_3698The main characteristics of the PremiumLine of Drill Rigs are the ability to convert the rig quickly from Kelly drilling into other technologies such as single pass drilling, CFA displacement piling or soil mixing.  The well-known V-kinematic (the capibility of loweringthe mast to the front for transport) on the BG 39 and BG 46 not only allows the rig to transport in compact and manageable dimensions and weights, but it also provides maximum stability while in operation.  The steel structure of the V-kinematic allows maximum available rotary torque and winch capacity to be transmitted to the drilling tool with no power lost due to movement which might occur on other kinematic systems.

The newly introduced vario crowd system is designed so that during disassembly, the crowd winch cable does not have to be disconnected.   The new design of the vario crowd system increases safety, and allows quicker rigging and de-rigging.  It also boasts easy conversion of the rig into a low headroom version for drilling under bridges, power lines and under other tight conditions.

In the spring of 2012 BAUER launched two new drill rigs; the BG 39 and the BG 46.  Like most of the PremiumLine rigs, these machines come with the widely accepted and reliable CAT Tier IV engines that comply with the latest exhaust regulations in the United States, Canada and Europe.  In order to accommodate the Tier IV engines the upper carriage had to be redesigned.  The main winch is installed on top of the upper carriage and is pinned for easy removal and transport.  The drills come standard with stackable counter weights and lower and upper walkways.  There is a new, fully-featured operator cabin along with other improvements such as the addition of increased sound deadening material resulting in the quietest large drilling rigs in operation in the world.

Most of the components on the BG 39 come from the very well established and popular BG 40 rig sold in the U.S. market.  The rotary (390 kNm) and engine power (433 kW) are the same, however, the main winch now uses a single layer drum for uniform pulling capacity on deep piles.  Additionally, rope life is extended and the main winch drum speed has been increased, which saves time when lowering or pulling the drilling tool out of the shaft.

Major efforts have been made in the new cabin design in order to achieve maximum operator comfort.  More interior space and larger windows, along with improved functionality on the newly designed electrical joysticks give the new cabin the appearance of a "comfort zone" allowing for an increase in operator concentration.  Unique to Bauer drilling rigs is the B-Tronic drilling assistant that boasts a new color display on a vivid screen which is readable in sunlight.  This displays not only the shaft, but also increases safety as it displays the Kelly bar.  In order to prevent cost-intensive damages either to the Kelly bar or rotary head this feature tells the operator when the sections of the Kelly are locked or unlocked.  There is a new addition to the B-Tronic system, an iPad interface which works together with the B-Tronic system and is removable for remote interface.

P1000126BAUER’s passion for progress has been once again demonstrated when comparing technical details between BG 40 and the new BG 39.  Performance advancements have been achieved by reducing the operation and transportation weight.

During BAUMA 2013 in Munich, Germany, BAUER introduced the BG46, the second largest drill rig offered by BAUER, the BG 50 being the largest in the BAUER line up.  The BG 46 is powered by a 570 kW CAT engine.  The design of the BG 46 was influenced by the experience BAUER gained from the BG 50, launched in 2010.  The BG46 drill rig now closes the gap between the BG 50 and the BG 39.

The BG46 is particularly well suited for secant pile walls construction or other large scale work.  The BG46 was designed to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Drilling cased boreholes (installation of casing by rotary drive or optionally by hydraulic oscillator – both are powered by the drilling rig)

  • Uncased deep boreholes up to 100 m or above that are stabilized by drilling fluid

  • Drilling boreholes with long hollow stem augers (CFA system), with or without extensions

  • Special single pass applications, such as double rotary head drilling

  • Cased CFA, displacement piles, soil mixing system (CSM and SMW)

The BG 39 was recently used on the Cityringen project in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The rig was used to drill a 1,000 mm Secant Pile Wall to a depth of 25 m partially cased and piles up to 35m fully cased.

Launched in 2012, one of the first projects for the BG39 was installation of 35 m deep piles without the use of a casing oscillator.  The BG 39 was also used in the United Kingdom for a commercial project, installing 1,500 mm secant pile wall to a depth of 25 m; cased to 12 m. The job was planned for 8 weeks but by using the BG 39, the project was completed a week ahead of schedule.

The BG 46 has performed well on the Marina South Project in Singapore.  Using a Lockable 90 m long Kelly bar with an extension, it was able to drill to depth of 104 m, installing piles 2,200 mm in diameter.

Dan Dragone states, "One thing apparent with the release of the BG39, BG 42 and BG46 drill rigs is that the machines have continued to evolve and improve through input provided by customers and feedback we gain every day from our ground staff.”

He further stated that "Once a drill has been delivered, the machine is rigged-up and assembled with the customer present.  This allows us to make sure the customer’s staff is well trained on the new equipment and the machine is ready to work, thus ensuring safety and productivity on site.  BAUER continually receives feedback from customers and the service staff.  These reports are provided to our designers and engineers who then incorporate the new information into the design of future rigs.  In this way BAUER drills and products are built according to customer needs."

BAUER is committed to the principle that, "our passion for progress never stops."

Edited By: ADSC

Original article can be found in the 2013 June/July Edition of Foundation Drilling Magazine.