Double-walled casings are used to support boreholes in unstable soil conditions. The casings and casing joints are designed for the high torques generated by the BG machines or casing oscillators.


Characteristic features:

  • Flush drill string
  • Interchangeable conical bolts
  • Variable lengths


Casing drive adapters transfer the torque from the rotary drive to the casing string. Two types of bolt connection systems with the casing string are available:

  • Mechanical connection (bolts are fitted manually by rig operative)
  • Automatic connection (hydraulically operated locking system)

Casing shoes are key components of a casing string, especially when working in hard soil conditions or when constructing bored pile walls. Casing shoes are available either with a welded cutting ring fitted with weld-on teeth or as a cutting ring equipped with replaceable blocks.

Special features:

  • Good cutting properties with ideal lateral cutting capability both inside and outside
  • Good material flow at the teeth / long service life
  • Easy on-site maintenance




Casing Oscillators

Due to their compact construction, the hydraulic casing oscillators of the BV series are designed as front-end attachments to rotary drilling rigs. When mounted to the undercarriage of the drilling rig, the full torque of the casing oscillator can be transferred to the casing string and the weight of the drilling rig can also be activated as a reaction force to the vertical forces generated during installation of the casings. Exact setting up over the borehole position is facilitated by adjustment of the relative horizontal position between the casing oscillator and the drilling rig.


Attachment For Drilling Rigs



BV 1180 HD-03

1.075 kNm / 792,879 lbf.ft

 7,5 t / 16,534 lbs

BV 1300 L-03

1.140 kNm / 840,820 lbf.ft

 8,0 t / 17,637 lbs

BV 1500 HD-07

2.200 kNm / 1,622,636 lbf.ft

 12,5 t / 27,558 lbs

BV 1500 HD-07-C

2.200 kNm / 1,622,636 lbf.ft

 12,8 t / 28,219 lbs

BV 1500 HD-08

2.200 kNm / 1,622,636 lbf.ft

12,8 t / 28,219 lbs

BV 2000 HD-07

2.965 kNm / 2,186,871 lbf.ft

20,0 t / 44,092 lbs