Hydraulic Power Packs

BAUER HD hydraulic power packs are ideally suited for supplying power to a range of hydraulic equipment. Being fully integrated into a steel container they offer a very compact form of construction. They are driven by a modern industrial engine. The generous design of the cooling system allows operation at full load in ambient temperatures from - 20° to + 45°


HD 250
HD 470
HD 1400

Power Output 176 kW 261 kW 570 kW
Flow Rates (open circuit) 250* + (130*) l/min bar 470* + (170*) l/min bar 3* 425 l/min
Flow Rates (closed circuit) 250 l/min -

1x100 (1x325*) l/min

2x125 l/min

Overall Weight (approx.) Ca. 4.200 kg Ca. 6.500 kg Ca. 13.200 kg