Hydraulic Hammers

FAMBO is the product name for hydraulic impact hammers, which have been designed for all pile driving applications. The hydraulic hammers are manufactured by RTG Rammtechik GmbH, a subsidiary of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. Group synergy effects can, therefore, be integrated into the development of the FAMBO hammers. The technical development by in-house design departments allows the hammers to be optimally adaptated to all Bauer base carriers. FAMBO hammers can, however, also optionally be adapted to pile drivers or other base carriers provided by customers. Our service and many years of experience in the pile driving sector guarantee a premium-quality and tailor-made product.



  • Drop hammer bodies designed to transmit maximum power and force to piles
  • Stepless driving frequency control
  • An external hydraulic-power pack can be used
  • "akku"-system for hydraulic-power-reduction
  • Controlling-system for adjusting the drop height and impact frequency to job-site conditions
  • Variable hemlet for different applications and piletypes
  • The steel-lead combination of the ram produces a longer stress wave in a concrete pile with reduced peak forces in the pile and larger penetration depth per impact
  • Easy assembly on different carriers, as the hammer has an independent controlling system
  • Compact open design, simplifies application