In any operation it is essential that equipment operates at peak efficiency with minimum downtime. A major factor in achieving this is regular servicing and timely availability of original BAUER Spare Parts.


With this aim in mind we have prepared our new Service Catalogue, which will provide a reference guide for both workshop and project based staff that maintain and operate BAUER Equipment.


The Parts Department in Conroe, TX is open:
Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm CST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed (On Call)
Phone: (713) 699-7699

BAUER-Pileco, Inc. (BPI) intends to serve it's customers with the highest degree of integrity and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in our industry while protecting the assets of our owners. The level of service we desire to provide our customers includes a process for accepting returned parts when appropriate. Parts may not be returned to BPI until BPI authorizes the return.



  1. All return authorization requests are considered on a case by case basis and no return may be made to BPI without an accompanying RPA form (downloadable form on right side of page).
  2. The RPA form must be completed and faxed or e-mailed to the parts sales person prior to part return.
  3. The RPA form must contain the BPI sales order number or invoice number.
  4. The parts salesperson will authorize or not authorize the return based on the criteria stated below. This decision and the basis for this decision will be noted on the form.
  5. If the return is authorized the form will state the credit amount granted with the restocking fee and amount and the freight terms. The sales person will sign the form and return it to the customer as soon as possible.
  6. If return is not authorized the sales person will state the reason on the form, sign it and return it to the customer as soon as possible.
  7. All parts shipped from our BPI warehouses may be eligible for return to BPI.
  8. Parts drop shipped from our parent company in Germany or from other vendors are only eligible for return if we believe we have a market for that part to be sold from our warehouses.
  9. If BPI shipped an incorrect part different from that requested by the customer we will issue 100% credit for sales price and freight and will pay freight for the return.
  10. Special and made to order parts may may possibly be returned if approved by the Director of Parts & Logistics and will incur a 60% restocking fee.
  11. Parts damaged by customer or rendered not saleable by customer may not be returned.
  12. Electrical parts, hoses seals and gaskets may not be returned.
  13. Part returns must include original packaging.
  14. Parts authorized for return within 30 days after shipment from BPI will incur a 15% restocking fee and the customer will pay return freight.
  15. Parts authorized for return from 31-90 days after shipment from BPI will incur a 20% restocking fee and the customer will pay return freight.
  16. Parts will not be authorized for return after 90 days from shipment from BPI.
  17. Signed RPA form must be attached to the package by customer prior to shipment.