In any operation it is essential that the equipment operates at peak efficiency with minimum downtime. A major factor is achieving this is regular maintenance and timely identification and correction of malfunctions.

Our goal is to optimize your production and uptime. Given the size of the service territory and the traveling time required for BPI Technicians to get to many jobsites, the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your machine back into operation is often through direct communication between BPI Customer Service Technicians and customer on-site Technicians.

This communication can be by telephone or email. Obviously, the more information, and the more accurate the information from the jobsite, the higher the probability that the problem can be resolved without the time and cost involved in dispatching a BPI Technician to the jobsite. Digital photographs, error codes, and similar information is usually very helpful and should be sent along with the initial communication, if appropriate for the situation.

The Service Department in Conroe, TX is open:
Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm CST
Saturday & Sunday: Closed (On Call)

Phone: (713) 699-7681

Customer Service (Conroe, TX)

Donnie Baldwin
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7638
Romualdo "Rey" Delgado
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7676
Mustapha Elwaziki
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7680
Larry Holliday
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7688
Markus Loenner
Technical Service Manager
(713) 699-7648
Tammy Lovelady
Customer Service Coordinator
(713) 699-7690
Austin Ojeda
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7651
Jerry Ramon
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7695
Jack Reilly
Customer Service & Field Technician
(713) 699-7670



Shop / Service (Conroe, TX)

Bruce Bradley
Operation Manager Assembly
& Shop Repair
(713) 699-7640
Debbie Moore
Shop Service Administrator
(713) 699-7633
Manuel Narvaez
Fabrication Supervisor
(713) 699-7607



Shop / Service (Livermore, CA) 

Jennifer Ratto
Office Manager
(925) 401-7007