Drilling Techniques

BG drilling rigs of all sizes and configurations are the core business of BAUER Maschinen GmbH and have been designed for the application of a wide range of drilling techniques. The technique best suited for a specific project is determined on the one hand by the project-specific application and on the other by the prevailing geological conditions.

Kelly Drilling

Classic bored pile system which transfers torque and vertical crowd force to drilling tools via a telescopic kelly bar.

  • Borehole wall is supported either by excess
  • hydrostatic pressure or by drill casings.
  • Installation of drill casings by rotary drive
  • or by casing oscillators attached to rig.
  • By using different drilling tools the system can
  • be employed in all types of soil (including bedrock).
  • Diameters 600 - 3000 mm / 2.0 - 9.8 ft
  • Drilling depth 15 - 90 m / 49.2 - 295.3 ft

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Drilling

Significant increase of drilling performance can be reached when using a continuous flight auger which is installed in one continuous pass:

  • The soil which is loosened at the auger tip is conveyed to
    the surface by the auger flight.
  • Borehole wall is supported by the auger filled with drill spoil.
  • Use of a crowd winch facilitates penetration
    into hard soil formations.
  • Attaching a kelly extension increases the
    drilling depth by 6 - 8 m. / 19.7 - 26.2 ft. Pile is concreted through hollow
    stem by means of concrete pump.
  • Concrete is pumped by a concrete pump through the hollow stem
    of the auger while extracting the auger. Concrete feed pressure
    can be measured at the tip of the continuous flight auger.
  • Diameters 500 - 1200 mm / 1.6 - 3.9 ft
  • Drilling depth 10 - 28 m / 32.8 - 91.9 ft

Cased Continuous Flight Auger (CCFA) Drilling

Drilling with Cased Continuous Flight Auger is one of the single-pass drilling techniques. During the drilling process, a continuous flight auger protected by a counter-rotating casing string conveys the drill spoil to the surface. Concrete is subsequently placed through the hollow stem of the auger. With drilling diameters of up to 600 mm, FOW counts as one of the CCFA drilling techniques.

Full Displacement Piling (FDP)

A displacement head is drilled into the soil with high torque and crowd. Displacing of the soil results in a densified skin area with increased bearing capacity. Concrete is pumped through the hollow stem. As the tool is rotated in one direction during extration it is possible to recompact loose side wall areas.


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